You’re scared of the air.  You should be – it’s dirty and dangerous.  People shed around 37 million bacteria hourly, plus viruses, dead skin and hair cells. Where do you think that stuff goes?  We drag our unique personal microbe clouds with us and leave a little bit behind everywhere we go.  Who used that public restroom before you?  Were they sick?  Science tells us that particles can even become aerosolized when we flush.  The fact is people are a major source of air pollution, and some of it is deadly.  What’s in a person’s personal cloud can hang in the air for days, waiting for you to walk by and breathe it in.  The turbulence we create just by opening a door or walking around in a room keeps it afloat.  And some of these microbes live an amazingly long time once they leave the body.

Medical Illumination knows how to clean this mess up.  Its patented Vidashield UV24 deactivates viruses and bacteria in the air.  This innovative product uses proven UV-C light technology – the same technology used to kill germs in medical facilities around the world – to literally destroy the ability for these things to reproduce.  Designed to fit seamlessly into a standard 2’ x 4’ drop ceiling (and can mount to hard ceilings as well), the device uses circulating fans to quietly draw air up from the room below, past a filter to remove dust and other larger contaminants, then through a fully enclosed ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) chamber where the shredding of viral and bacterial DNA/RNA actually takes place.  Clean, safe air is continually returned to the room.  Each unit can disinfect a volume of air equal to a 10’ x 10’ room with an 8’ ceiling four times an hour.  Once installed, maintenance consists of annual light bulb and periodic filter replacement to ensure optimum effectiveness.  Vidashield UV24 has been tested in hospital settings where it has been proven highly effective in reducing airborne pathogens such as coronavirus, influenza, bacteria, mold and many other nasty and potentially dangerous microbes you don’t want living in your airspace.

Vidashield UV24 greatly enhances the benefits of current COVID safety protocols.  A mask only slows the speed at which the virus travels when it leaves your mouth and nose and maybe filters a little of the air you breathe back in through it, depending on its quality.  Masks don’t always fit well, and noses escape and sometimes don’t get covered again.  Social distancing makes sense because masks are imperfect; this virus is so tiny it can pass right through, and maintaining greater distance allows the virus to become a little more diluted in the air.  But whatever is left in the air continues to circulate and eventually settles and sticks to every surface where it can remain infectious.  So we continue to clean as best we can with bleach and antimicrobial wipes, but inevitably some areas get missed and it’s hard to keep up.  Vidashield UV24 fills the gap between these protocols at your place of business:  safer air means enhanced mask effectiveness and less settling on surfaces; cleaner surfaces means less risk in between hand washings.  Make your air less scary with Vidashield UV24. 

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