As you look forward to re-opening your business, one of the most crucial decisions you will make is how best to protect your employees and affiliated stakeholders, now and in the foreseeable future.

With so many different masks to consider, even among those that are FDA- approved, it may seem daunting to determine the right choice for your company.

As president of, a Rochester, New York-based health and wellness company, that has supplied thousands of individuals and businesses in Upstate, NY with medical-grade, FDA-approved face masks, I am in the unique position to offer you a solution that is readily available, affordable, and grounded in science.

A Look at the Options:
Cloth Masks

Safety and successfully mitigating liability, are key factors in re-opening your business. It is important, therefore, to keep in mind that cloth masks are not FDA approved for filtrating small particles like viruses. There is also no scientific evidence that cloth masks effectively work to stop the spread of viral airborne transmission. Cloth masks will stop larger particulates from being exhaled, but not smaller particulates.

N95 or Verified K95 Masks

N95s and Chinese KN95s, due to their seal, do provide the highest level protection for high-risk employees. However, they are in limited supply, more expensive and uncomfortable for long-term wear.

Because of the shortage in FDA-approved N95s, in April, the FDA allowed KN95s to be imported from China. But understaffing and lax enforcement by both China and the FDA, resulted in substandard quality KN95s being imported into the USA, with concomitant negative feedback from customers. While not all KN95s are substandard, due diligence regarding quality assurance is the watchword!

Medical Face Masks

Medical face masks are rated to filter small and large particulates thereby effectively preventing small and large particulates from being exhaled by the wearer. Remember: Universal mask-wearing works because we are blocking small viruses from being exhaled.

Here’s is a summation, in table format, comparing the different types of masks.

At Herogard, we use a patented filtration material that is designed for long-term comfort. Because, when all is said and done; wearing a mask is only useful if your employees actually wear them!

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