22 10, 2021

Tips on how to instill wellness in your office culture

By |2021-10-20T10:21:40-04:00October 22nd, 2021|Business, Employment|

The extended isolation and uncertainty many of us experienced during the past 20-plus months has intensified mental health concerns across the nation. About 41% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder during January 2021 — up 30% from two years ago. That means nearly half of the U.S. population is struggling with mental illness.

15 10, 2021

Don’t confuse shortage with scarcity

By |2021-10-12T10:31:29-04:00October 15th, 2021|Business|

With all this talk about shortages we feel the economic meaning of a shortage is getting lost. Shortages are a function of prices. Specifically, a shortage means that at a given price the quantity demanded of a good exceeds the supply of the good. Further, shortages should not be confused with scarcity.

8 10, 2021

Management-side lawyers scrutinize vaccine mandate

By |2021-10-19T09:45:51-04:00October 8th, 2021|Business, COVID-19, Employment, Law|

Though the issuance of a federal rule mandating that employers of 100 or more employees ensure that their workforce is vaccinated against COVID-19 or can present negative test results is still weeks away, management-side attorneys are already advising clients on what they should know about the anticipated emergency regulation.

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